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Individual & Family Drug Counseling

Addiction may infect one person, but it affects everyone. I like to employ the Family Systems therapeutic approach, or "Family Systems Therapy", a form of psychotherapy that helps people resolve issues in the context of the family as a whole. The behaviors, opinions, and actions involved in an individual's upbringing have a huge impact on who we become. When the family of an addict is involved in their recovery, issues can be addressed at a deeper level. Let’s come together and work out some of the knots that have been tied between you and your loved ones. Sobriety might be the end goal, but embracing a happier, more loving, and understanding family along the way is a welcomed benefit.

Addiction Intervention

Intervention, It's not just a TV show. It happens in real life every day. An intervention is a warm and open event where family and friends come together to show support for a loved one's recovery from substance abuse addiction. I employ the Love First approach to interventions where, together in a positive environment, we will create a “recovery team” of supporters, make a unique plan for family recovery, encourage the loved one to accept help, and provide transport directly to the chosen treatment center. All with the goal that they will start actively taking control of their lives, turn their destructive behaviors to constructive behaviors, and get well. Pricing and timelines for interventions vary on a case-by-case basis, please reach out with any questions and for more information.

Crisis Intervention Counseling

Crisis Intervention Counseling is essentially “psychological first aid”. After a major crisis involving a loved one or yourself, you may be in shock, and it can be hard to wrap your head around what to do next. That’s where I come in. I can be your safe outlet, help you see clearer, help you make decisions, and lead you to the next step. As a former Emergency Services Clinician I have years of experience helping people in the ER and ICU process events and plan the next steps. Whatever the situation, we will see you through to the other side.

Case Management

Recovery doesn’t end when treatment does. They say real work begins the second you leave rehabilitation. All of the sudden, that support system you had all around you in treatment is no longer there, and the effects of which often result in relapse. That’s why post-discharge counseling is critical to the lasting success of a recovering addict. I’ll be your trusted partner in recovery, helping keep you on track after treatment. We’ll keep you connected with your treatment providers, put into practice what you learned in rehabilitation, and replace old negative habits with new positive ones. Together we will maintain your new healthy lifestyle and continue to stay clean, happy, and healthy.

How I can help

Individual & Family Drug Conseling
Addiction Intervention
Case Management
Crisis Intervntion Counseling
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