About me

I am a Licensed Addictions Specialist CIP, CCAR Certified ER Recovery Coach, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC1), Certified Intervention Professional, Recovery Coach Professional, and Certified ER Staff Recovery Coach.


Over the years I’ve served as an Emergency Services Clinician and been on the Substance Use Disorder Team for the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, helping distressed families in the ICU and ER. I have been affiliated with Island Community Services on Martha’s Vineyard since 2011, and am the former Drug & Alcohol Program Instructor for Island Community Counseling, where I ran the D24 Drivers Alcohol Education Program for five years and the Second Offenders Aftercare Programs for three years.


I have worked in psychiatric hospitals, and alternative education high schools in Colorado, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. These combined experiences have given me wide and varied exposure to addiction, mental illness, treatment, and recovery in many forms.


I'm also a father to two incredible, successful adult children who have taught me invaluable lessons about growing up in the age of technology, the influences of modern society, and the pressures associated.

"If you hurt - take action, lessen the hurt, and smile more."

I’m what they call a "reality therapist", and believe that problem-solving, learning to make better choices, and setting clearly defined goals will get you to where you need to go. The past belongs in the past, so we’ll focus on the here and now. Therapy and treatment are not one-size-fits-all, and with honesty, trust, and non-judgment we will pave your unique road to a healthy life.

Education & Clinical Experience

My Approach

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