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Are you or a loved one sinking into
a sea of addiction?


Howard "Howie" B. Marlin


Howie Marlin is a therapist specializing in addiction treatment and recovery. He is a Senior Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor-LADC1; CCAR certified  Recovery Coach, Recovery Coach for the ER and Recovery Coach Professional, and is a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional- CIP and certified Love First Interventionist. His extensive education and training, real-life experiences in addiction counseling and recovery, and no-nonsense approach to therapy make him a dependable partner in helping you and your loved ones overcome the throes of addiction. He's also a father, an avid guitar enthusiast, and enjoys walking his two dogs and flying other people's airplanes in his spare time.

Today is the only reality

 here and now

Family dynamics play a fundamental role in who we are, how we deal with issues, and the ways in which we communicate with others. And if those dynamics are strained, it can have a large impact on our day-to-day. If addiction has taken hold of you or a family member I can help see you all through together. When an individuals walls are torn down, we all heal, or as I like to say, "all boats rise with the tide". Let me help jumpstart your family's healing today.

Facing a loved one about their addiction or hurtful actions can be a daunting and terrifying thing, but you don’t have to do it alone. Clinical Family Intervention helps individuals realize their potential by creating a support team of loved ones, and employs the opportunity to receive the treatment they need. I’m trained in the Love First and Arise Network intervention philosophies. We’ll strategize a plan to motivate your loved one to seek help, find the most appropriate treatment center for their needs, and provide support throughout the entire process and beyond.

Treatment doesn't end when you walk out the door. Recovery is a snaking trail, not a straight path. You may have made your way up the mountain through your addition, but getting back down to normal life can be just as hard. It’s normal to have zigs-zags and setbacks, but with a trusted partner in the process, they get shorter, lighter, and fewer over time. This is why follow-up counseling is critical to the recovery process. Recovery support is essential, and I’ll get you back into a healthy routine with inspiration, guidance, and trust.

Howie helped me when no one else could.  I'd tried everything and had given up, he was my last chance.  Now my son is alive and well, because of him"

Let's spark change today

Blunt.  Honest.  No bull.  This man stood in front of my family, called us on our sh*t, and we melted like butter, opened our hearts, and got our daughter back."

Howie didn't waste any time getting to the meat of the matter.  We knew immediately his process would work. After six therapists before him failed, unbelievably he was able to get through to my son, who is still sober, two years later."


If you have an emergency please call 911

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


Howard 'Howie' Marlin M.Ed, LADC-1, CIP, PRC

Serving the island of Martha's Vineyard and beyond

tel: 508-687-0068    |    fax: 508-629-0092

Vineyard Haven, MA

Thank you for reaching out. This is how change begins!

The first step is reaching out

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