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"I am very grateful to Howie Marlin for all his help. Last New Years Day I called Howie, (a holiday when everything else was closed and anyone else was unavailable), terrified because my 22-year-old son almost froze to death in a drunken blackout, and Howie came right over and staged a life-saving intervention. After my son came home from detox, I needed to call Howie many times and he’s always been available and willing to help; and to go ‘the extra mile’ to get help for my son. When it was hard for me to know what to do, or I just didn’t have the strength, Howie knew where to call, what to do, and how to do it. Howie knew when to be tough, and when to be gentle, and won my son’s trust. I can honestly say he saved my son’s life. Last August Howie helped him get into a faith-based residential treatment program. Today my son, who is still in this program, is doing great, and Howie continues to keep in touch with us all. Howie is professional, dependable and able to get the family the help they need when they need it!" Donna P. 2018

"I thought to myself...  this was going to end well.  My x-husband is always angry, and my son was doing opiates again, and about to lose his wife and his business.  Although I thought it was going to be WW3, we all arrived together to find Howie such a calming force.  My x-husband tried over and over again to trip him up, to get him to react, but all Howie kept doing was remind him that we all were here for my son.  And my son was shocked to find his father turned from angry and bitter, to softly appreciating Howie's efforts and actually became cooperative. My son says that by the time they had finished lunch on the way to treatment, they were friends.  That was eighteen months ago.  He's sober, happy, and talks about that day as "His rebirthday"! Gena T. 2018

"No one else had helped.  They all gave up on us, and I was past the end of my rope when I called Howie.  My son had someone else.  Drinking every day, doing any drug he could get his hands on.  Getting into fights and taken by police for protective custody over and over.  We met and he spelled out a game plan, and I reached out to family members to get on board.  It wasn't easy, as one of my daughters simply didn't want to be part of it, but Howie stuck by me, and by the time we did the intervention we had letters, and all the plans were in place.  We met for coffee in the morning and my son came to the breakfast table and asked: "Is this an intervention?"  Howie said: "It is if you want it to be." He sat, we talked, and a few minutes later he was actually smiling.  Howie brought him to treatment right from there."  We know it's a long road, but know everyone is better off for what Howie did to help"  Betty H. 2017