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What A Weekend! Health Fair and a DUAL Diagnosis Interception.

Preamble- Yes, I'm going to continue using that term hoping it catches on. The idea is simple: Bad energy is moving downfield. My intent is to INTERCEPT that energy, switch directions, and have the entire team move towards healthier living. And yes, I do a dance in the end zone.

First- When working with someone who has a significant emotional conflict, and self-medicates with substances, they may truly suffer from what's referred to as a "DUAL DIAGNOSIS" condition, which as the name implies, is both a mental health issue and a substance issue. When approaching the aspect of affecting change with the POC (Person of concern), with a dual diagnosis, one has a whole mess of other issues to contend with, and the process of motivating the POC can get down right frustrating. It's a "chicken-and-egg" thing, and sometimes it's practically impossible to figure that one out.

When approaching such a challenge, it is strongly recommended you bring in a professional who is well versed in mental health diagnoses, treatment approaches, and has a broad understanding of the intervention/interception process. This takes years of experience in a multitude of disciplines, or sub-concentrations of mental health settings, so that when the proverbial "stuff hits the fan", your guide is flexible enough, creative enough, and stubborn enough (yes, not patient, but out-right stubborn) to contend with a POC who has been practicing their craft of denial, objection and defiance for a lifetime. This is no place for the uninitiated.

It's not so much a science as it is an art. And you've got to be a pretty good dancer, because you're going to get your toes stomped on (guaranteed), but have to be talented enough for the audience not to know it. The POC is going to hammer away at ridiculous points, making sense out of nonsense, possibly manic (super energy and stamina), be talented at "splitting" (polarizing beliefs, actions, loved ones), and will dig in so hard you'll find team members running from the room cursing as they slam the door behind them, calling you names as they go. Yeah, frustration acts that way. But you must stay loving, and focus... focus... focus...

If you're lucky enough to find a professional with teflon emotional skin, who doesn't take hurtful remarks personally, is a good orchestra leader, and can muster control out of chaos... you're going to watch them move from point-to-point, from person-to-person, from memories to friends, to lovers, until a switch is found. And when they find it, you can see it in their face, they relax, they sit, their voice softens, their eyes soften, and they may even crack a joke. Bingo (uttered under ones breath)... you've hit the nerve, the pressure release valve, you've touched their heart, and suddenly you have one more team member in the group, and that team member now gets excited about the future. You're on your way.