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Heavy Is A Parents Heart

It's getting more than awful, it's... heart breaking. We've had four deaths due to drugs this past month here on the golden island of Martha's Vineyard. This is supposed to be a holiday paradise, yet we're seeing the opiate crisis hit harder and harder. I know can get carried away, so I'll keep this short: I've had enough!

One night, a few years ago after working more than 12 hours in our ER, a third overdose was brought into the department that day. The parents were shattered, friends and family members raged and just could not contain their grief, and who could blame them. I knew one of them well, and they shouldered up to me and asked: "Why couldn't we do more for them...!" I know what she meant- she was begging for us, providers, to get proactive, get vocal, get going. In the days after I petitioned others to do outreach, speak in churches and meetings, visit schools and team up with police... but... nothing. I was instructed to keep my nose down and do my work.

Did your stomach just tie up in a knot? Mine still is, and that was years ago! But it motivated me to look over the horizon for things I could do to make an impact. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, and would probably be met with indignation and rejection, but I didn't care.

And so began the audio podcast. Not a big deal, just me, mostly walking and talking. You can find them on YouTube under the same name as the videos "Addiction- Got A Minute?". Not particularly exciting, but knew that putting my thoughts down on tape would help me create my own path. And here I am.

Now it's a VideoCast and people are no longer scoffing at my efforts. Funny how that goes, eh?